Gift ideas
With the holidays coming, here is a creative frivolous list of gift ideas. Ideas for those hard to buy for people on your list. They are still hard to buy for, but at least you have some ideas.

A year’s supply of telephone poles.
His & her oil change kit
Elbow grease replacement
A book on extraterrestrial plate tectonics for fun and profit
A backyard carrion bird feeder
Specimens for a fungus garden
A set of stationary automotive wheels
Aftermarket installed roller skate stereo sound system
Flying geese formation alignment gauge
Deluxe electron reverser
One hour consultation with a professional reverse genealogist
A bottle of firework rejuvenator
An embroidered fish net
Concrete handkerchiefs
Handheld electronic prognosticator with ski condition option
Pancake barbeque skewers
Universal answer book with appendix of questions
An a cappella percussive choral recording of the song “Wipeout”
Functional hourglass cufflinks
A set of spice containers with different varieties of powdered bacon
A yard shrub with transparent leaves
Remote controlled dentures
Dog scented hand soap
Relationship modifying booth
Fleeting time tracer
Precision stainless steel data snippers
Fingernail crisper
Money dispersant
Toy or miniature size St. Bernard dog

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 Demonstrated ability to provide real innovations through creativity, out of the box thinking, and follow through.

Why this website?

As part of my search for new employment opportunities, this web site is intended to show case examples of my creative innovations and provide samples of my writing.

Four factors contributing to creativity 

Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration

A researcher’s lengthy study of the topic showed that creativity can be thought of as arising from four factors.  A creative accomplishment requires a fluency or familiarity with the field.  It is hard to create a piano composition without know how to play the piano. Creative accomplishments require the flexibility to see different ramifications and possibilities.  Originality, the unlikelihood that others would have the same choices and responses, is also needed.  Creativity may involve copying by analogy or from a dissimilar situation, but it is always new to the situation. Creative accomplishments always require elaboration and follow through to complete the details.


Welcome to my web page of examples!

I am a registered professional mechanical engineer with the ability to identify issues, provide creative alternatives, and implement effective solutions. I am, indeed, an expert in machine design and equipment development. I have an extensive background in custom design, prototype build and standard repeat build environments. I have experience developing, managing, and completing successful projects. My graduate management education provides greater breadth of viewpoint.

Demonstrated ability to provide real innovations through creativity, out of the box thinking, and follow through. 

Why this web site?   In conjunction with my search for additional opportunities, this web site is intended to show case examples of my creative innovations and examples of things I have written.

Roger Grabman, PE,    Providing technical and nontechnical innovations with creativity and out of the box thinking and follow through to realization.

cell 770-912-7058,

If one is creative, that creativity is likely to take diverse forms in the different life arenas of on-the-job, serving in the community, and for personal self.  As companies strive to solve problems they do not want to overlook the creative resources of their people.  I believe these examples show how I can be adaptable to new situations and be a most useful contributor.

These examples also show the four factors contributing to creativity: familiarity with what is possible, the flexibility to view from a different perspective, originality, and detail elaboration.